Develop In-House Coaches

Develop In-House Coaches

Many organisations now appreciate the benefits that training their managers in coaching skills can bring. Some organisations are finding great benefit from training their managers in specific coaching skills that they can use day-to-day with their own staff.

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Large organisations in particular understand the important role coaching skills play in helping employees deliver business-critical projects.

Not so long ago, internal coaching was not regarded with as much respect as high-status, high-cost external coaching.

These organisations also maintain a clear distinction between those leaders and professionals who do coaching as a role in the organisation, often adjacent to their job, and those leaders implementing coaching skills into their leadership and management tool kit via short training programs and online learning.

At Inez Consulting, we do both.

We work with organisations that want to ensure their coaches are trained to a high skill level. At the same time, we use a range of coaching methodologies, tools and techniques, supported through supervision.

We also develop initiatives to address coaching as a style that enhances leadership – aimed at helping employees to strive, experiment, grow and develop professionally as individuals.

Amongst the many benefits of building an internal coaching pool, we find the two key ones are: developing a consistent approach across the organisation, and developing an in-depth understanding and knowledge of internal systems, processes and culture.

Also, often overlooked, is the extra insight an internal coach can bring due to their familiarity with the values and strategic priorities of the organisation.

Therefore, to deliver such benefits, good training is essential.

That’s why our training is delivered by accredited coaches. After completing our programmes, your own in-house coaches also have the option of becoming accredited via an externally recognised, certified accreditation scheme.

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