Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Learning and development is what we do. Guiding and supporting people beyond what they thought possible is our passion.

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Our approach is grounded, practical and proven.

We work with you to understand your priorities and we customise our unique learning and development solutions to best fit your needs. Our innovative solutions incorporate ‘best and next’ and are firmly founded in management and behavioural science.

Founded in 2002, Inez Consulting was created to provide learning and development programmes to help businesses succeed. We make a point of continuing our own learning and development to help us as individuals, and Inez as a company, succeed.

We share our knowledge and passion for great leadership with businesses around the world.

As a team, we’ve had the privilege of working with leading global companies in a broad range of sectors, including IT, media, defence, banking, engineering, retail, pharmaceutical, and telecommunications.

We work closely with clients to assess their specific needs, resulting in tailor-made solutions.

Each member of the Inez team brings their own leadership and professional experience to their work, combining practical business knowledge with current academic research.

We tap into ‘best and next’ thinking to raise levels of self-awareness, and trial new skills so that your business is ready to face any challenge in its path to success.

But most importantly, we believe it is essential to build capacity and capability in you – not dependence on us.

Our team of passionate facilitators and coaches are highly experienced in delivering corporate training programmes, workshops, coaching interventions and team development throughout the business world.

Our experienced professionals blend theoretical, educational and practical knowledge to design and develop interventions focused on your key learning needs. They work with industry leading practices to deliver real results back into your workplace.

Here’s a little bit about each of our team members.

Angela Phillips-Stockwell

Angela Phillips-Stockwell

Angela has 20 years of experience as an organisational development consultant and executive coach.

She has worked across many sectors and with several top 100 global companies.

Her background in management science and organisational psychology fuels a passion for enabling both people and businesses to reach their full potential.

Travel, yoga, reading and relaxing with friends and family are Angela’s other passions.

Adrianne Sale

Adrianne Sale

During her career in human resources, Adrianne found that learning and development was her true calling.

Taking the hands-on experience she had gained in her various HR roles, she came on board as our intrepid program manager.

Adrianne very quickly became a vital component in helping us to deliver tangible and measurable returns for our clients.

Keeping everything on track at Inez is truly rewarding, but when she isn’t working Adrianne dedicates herself to her other passion: being a mother to three children.

Andy Maggs

Andy Maggs

During the last 18 years, Andy has worked with over 20,000 individual leaders in 31 different countries, and as such is one of Inez’s senior consultants.

From an initial career in engineering, Andy went on to thrive in a number of directorial roles in different sectors.

Today he is as passionate about coaching and practical learning as when he first started.

His other love is his family, including his two sons, both young men starting out in their own careers.

Angela Walterscheid

Angela Walterscheid

Angela’s 25 years of corporate and consulting experience has given her a deep understanding of what it takes to develop high-performance individuals and organisations.

She specialises in the design, development and facilitation of Inez’s bespoke learning programs, which are geared to improving both business and individual performance.

Diana Danziger

Diana Danziger

Diana’s background in organisational psychology led to many years of successful consultancy and coaching work, and she is a key team member at Inez.

An adult learner herself, Diana’s first-hand experience of what works and what doesn’t has enabled her to support exceptional performance for people and organisations all around the world.

Today, Diana remains committed to lifelong growth and development, applying her experience to Inez’s dedicated leadership and team development programs.

Graham Neale

Graham Neale

Graham has spent the last 26 years of his professional life dedicated to helping individuals and organisations in leadership and team development.

With a background in human resources and management consulting, he specialises in the design and delivery of Inez’s experiential learning programmes.

As a coach, he is also qualified in a range of psychometric systems and tools. Married with two grown up children, Graham’s other passion is playing sport, particularly cricket and golf.

Guy Wilson

Guy Wilson

Guy is an experienced consultant, coach and facilitator who has worked with some of the world’s largest organisations.

Known for his energetic and engaging style, he has successfully delivered major organisational and cultural change across a range of industries.

Guy focuses on tangible impact, teaching teams and leaders how to have a holistic understanding of their environment and the changes that need to happen to make a real difference.

As a former senior leader in UK Policing, Guy is well-versed in leading large teams in extremely challenging situations. This has given him a heightened ability to identify the root causes and blockages which hold back performance and effectiveness.

Kirsty Humphry

Kirsty Humphry

Originally a healthcare professional, Kirsty is an experienced project manager who specialises in improving systems, processes and procedures.

Responsible at Inez for running two of our most successful senior leader and executive programs, she’s known for having an eagle eye for detail.

When not keeping Inez running like clockwork, Kirsty enjoys spending time with her young family, losing herself in a good book and breaking a sweat in the many exercise classes she attends.

Liz Owen

Liz Owen

An experienced manager, Liz has worked across a variety of sectors with many different types of organisations including her own company, which she ran for 20 years.

Passionate about helping people realise their full potential, she now dedicates herself to learning and development.

Liz is currently part of our delivery team where she specialises in designing the materials and resources utilised in our programmes. When she’s not helping our clients excel, Liz loves to travel.

Nithi Sevaguru

Nithi Sevaguru

Nithi’s diverse background in strategic consulting and marketing has led to a holistic understanding of the impact of leadership development in different contexts.

With an MBA from Strathclyde University, Nithi specialises in creating bespoke development programs and at Inez delivers these programs to companies of all sizes, including multinational organisations.

Shawn O’Rourke

Shawn O’Rourke

Shawn has been developing leadership and performance for over 20 years, working as consultant for some of the world’s most successful companies.

This has given him unique insight into human behaviour and its impact on performance at work, both at a strategic and operational level.

Shawn’s background in Operational Management, Human Resources and Learning and Development has allowed him to operate across a wide range of industries and sectors, making him one of Inez’s most versatile and experienced team members.

Tina McCarthy

Tina McCarthy

With over 20 years’ experience managing teams of consultants across a wide range of industry sectors, Tina is a chartered business psychologist and executive coach who founded her own consultancy back in 2006.

Her background working with private, public and non-profit organisations both in the UK and abroad makes her a key asset to the Inez team.

Today, Tina’s focus remains firmly fixed on enhancing the potential of individuals, teams and organisations through objective assessment and targeted development.

Tony Easton

Tony Easton

Tony is an established team and leadership development specialist who has worked for clients all around the world.

He began his career in marketing, which saw him assume senior management roles at a number of well-established multi-national companies.

This has given him a practical understanding and real-world approach which he has successfully applied to executive coaching for the last 16 years, helping senior leaders and their teams reach unprecedented standards of performance.

So, who do we learn from?

We are qualified and licensed in a variety of psychometrics, including MBTI Steps I and II, KAI, FIRO B with OPP, the Hogan suite (Personality Inventory; Motives Values and Preferences Inventory; Development Survey), NEO PI-R, Team Coaching International’s Team Diagnostic, Thomas Kilman Conflict Modes, Belbin Team Roles Inventory, Emotional Intelligence in Teams, Lumina Spark, TMSDI, DISC and OPQ.

With regard to 360-feedback instruments, we are qualified practitioners with Korn Ferry, SHL and PDI and have previously run Covey Leadership programs. We are also experienced at using in-house 360-feedback instruments.

We have a range of qualifications in coaching from professionally recognised ICF accreditations to post-graduate degrees (including Barefoot).

We learn from our clients, too

As a team we have had the good fortune and privilege to work with some outstanding organisations which include:

A2Dominion, Aldi, Allianz Global Investors, Allen & Overy, Amer Sports, Arriva, Asics, AT&T, Barclays, BAE, BNP Paribas, Bovis, British Fashion Council, Broadcom, Citibank, Electrosonic, The Daily Telegraph, Experian, Ferguson, Great Western Railway, Goldman Sachs, Grundfos, HSBC, IPC, Johnson Matthey, Lloyd’s Register, MBDA, Nationwide Building Society, Nokia, Oracle, Philips Electronics, Qualcomm, Save the Children, Sainsbury’s, Siemens, Swarovski, TalkTalk, Taylor Wimpy, Tether, TomTom, TMG, Vestas, Vodafone, Wolseley, Unilever.

Our approach for staying ahead

Some professions require a certain amount of professional development every year to retain their status. For us, this is essential, too.

We take on learning and seek out development partners to ensure we are up-to-date with what’s happening in our field.

As our consultants use several methodologies and tools for training, consultancy and coaching assignments they need to be qualified, too.

Our Learning Partners